Soil Percolation Test Procedure (EWB internship)

This is a soil percolation and infiltration rate test procedure that I’ve research and developed for my internship project.


Testing Procedures

Soil percolation test

  • Procedure
    • Drill at least three holes with a diameter of 15 to 20 cm and a depth of 91 to 274 cm,
    • Fill the holes with water,
    • Then measure for the amount of water decreases within a period of time,
    • Use the formula (Percolation = Amount of water (ml)Time taken (min)) to calculate for the percolation rate.
  • Equipment
    • Something to dig with
    • Water
    • Timer
    • Measuring stick
  • Standard for Effluent Percolation Rate (EPR)
    • Poor soakage – 10 litre/m2/day
    • Good soakage – 15 litre/m2/day

Soil infiltration test

  • Procedure
    • Fill a 30 by 20 cm container with soil and pressure it to make it compact like the ground
    • Cut a 5 inch (127mm) PVC pipe into a 20 cm piece and make a 5 cm, a 10 cm, and a 15 cm mark on the inside of the pipe
    • Then vertically bury 5 cm of the PVC pipe into the soil in the container
    • Pour water into the buried PVC pipe then start the timer
    • Then record the time when the water reaches each mark
  • Equipment/materials
    • 5 inch PVC pipe
    • 30 x 20 cm container
    • Soil
    • Water
    • Timer
    • Notebook & Pen
    • Marker
  • Source

Water flowing through the filtration

  • Procedure
    • Start the timer when the first drop of water get to the filter in the second pit
    • Stop the timer when the water comes out of the PVC pipe into the leach field
  • Equipment
    • Timer
    • Notebook & Pen


Human Cruelty (poem)

Description: This is a very short poem that I wrote to celebrate the world poetry day in my literacy class.


A giant mushroom-like blast filled the air

A new rocket has launched

A new tragic for the world to be scare

Human is Cruel


From China to India

Millions of dollar been invested

Just to give the world a new fear

Human is Cruel


United State and North Korea

The conflict is always there

Just because of the stupid nuclear

Human is Cruel


Creating peace with guns

Nothing has changed

And yet, it’s not just begun

You see, Human is cruel!