Flame Lap

Chemistry is the scientific discipline involved with compounds composed of atoms (google.) Chemistry is one of the four essential classes Liger provide this year. Two years ago, we got introduce to chemistry by a Princeton student. Back then we were just learning the very basic of this subject which include atoms and significant figure etc. For this first round, we were basic review stuff that we learn two years ago with the new facilitator. Yet, we did experiments/labs along with the topic we went over. My most favorite lab so far is the flame lab. In this lab, we were basically testing different salt on fire to see the change in color of the flame. So first we deep a popsicle sticks in fresh water, then deep it into the salt, and then put on the fire. By heating the salt up is like adding energy into the atoms. Therefore, it makes the electrons shift from the inner shell to outer shell which produces photons in the process: create colors. My most favorite reaction is when the fire reacted with the Copper Chlorine.

When Copper Chlorine reacted with fire.

American History Through Literacy Class

We start of the year in our literacy class by developing our English skills through learning about American history. Since many of us are going to take the SAT, Cara, our literacy facilitator wanted us to get more exposure to the American history. Therefore, we read many articles about various of topic related to the American history: Native Americans, the American Civil War, American Immigration, American Meat Packing Industry, and America in World War Two. By using online websites such as Commonlit and Newsela, we’re able to read the articles then do the assessments which are really helpful for me to assess my understanding. My most favourite article is an article about how the American industries help America to win World War Two. After reading this article, I have a much better understanding of the factors that lead The United States to the victory of World War Two. Moreover, I have realised that it takes there’s more than brave soldiers to win the war; the citizen, in fact, is a great cannon use to destroy the enemy. For instance, The United States won the war because their citizen work really hard to produce weapons to supply the solider. With a very productive supply line, America then took down Germany and Japan and claim the victory.

An article about American in World War Two from commonlit.org
An article about Patrick Henry from newsela.com