This is my fourth year in The Liger Learning Center. One of the most important exploration in this was entrepreneurship. In this exploration we learn how to make a business which is making chili sauce. All the student need to be in this exploration. So we have four group of 12 to 13 students in each exploration term. I am in the third group of this exploration. In each exploration we divide into many deference team to work on deference thing. In this round of exploration we have four deference team. They are Label team, Outreach team, Legal team and Product Development team. So I’m in Label team. In the last two exploration we have notice how important is the label. The reason that the label are really important is because label is the first thing see from your product. Another reason why it so important is because label is the one that make your product jump out of from other product. But It turn out we not really good at turning the drawing into victor, professional label. So we got a really good opportunity to work with a professional company for free. We work with a company named CBX. CBX is a brand agency based in New York city and it has it’s office all over the country. We work with one of its office in Minnesota. We video call with them once a week. The First week that we mate them they give a very good idea on how to named your company (name bucket). Then we draw out the label from the name that we have. Then we sent them the drawing to turn it into victor design. After we get the first draft we give them feedback to change some part of it so we get what we want.
This the Label that they that we have.


IMG_6777 (1)

IMG_6779 - Copy



First Draft





Second draft





Sonnet Poem

In literacy class with Jan we mainly learn to improve our pronunciation. We also learn how to write poems. This is a poem that I has made with my friend (Chhoeu).
Please enjoy!

The boys are walking to an awesome park
Then they both went to swim in a blue sea
They have a contest to race with a shark
They didn’t want to cause they weren’t ready.

After the race they went to get some drinks
The choices are coffee, coke and Pepsi
They both wanted to purchase their own thing
One guide buy coke and others buy coffee.

They are still wanted to do a treatment
There were many people who in the room
They both get no place to join an event
After that they heard a sound boom! boom! boom!

They both were thinking that it was a crime
Then they both got to the checkout ontime.

Drone Expert

This is the first exploration that lead by students. My exploration was about drone. In this exploration we learn how to fly and take footage with drone. First we started with a cheap plastic drone. Then when comfortable with it, we bought a professional drone which is DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. With this new drone we use it for a new business which is drone service. We have a new company name Cambodia Aerial Photography (CAP). This business is started by Four students from the Liger Learning Center (LLC). The Reason why we started this business is because we just want to pay back to LLC for the price of the drone. So far we have 8 pilot (4 boys, 4 girls).

My service
My service