Marine Conservation

Marine Conservation is a group of 12 student from Liger Learning Center that learn about marine conservation during a seven week long project.The group researched and learn more about marine life and understand the recent problems of marine ecosystems in Cambodia. The goal of this project is to protect Cambodia marine ecosystems. To accomplish this goal we work very hard to finish our Proposal for a Feasibility Study of Algal Farming as an Alternative Livelihood for Cambodian Fishermen. This document explain the problem of Cambodia marine ecosystems, possible solution, proposal for a feasibility study for Liger student in study year of 2016-2017 and information about what we doing in pilot exploration. We took a field trip to Koh Seh in Kep province to visit MCC Marine Conservation Cambodia. MCC is a organization that protect Cambodian marine ecosystems. We spent 1 week with them and we got to learn so many thing from them. We learn about marine organism, history of the island and last thing was snorkel and scuba diving. We not just learning we also do beach clean up. We collect about 130 kg of trash in an hour.