I go to an Unusual school

English writing

I go to an unusual school.This school is called Liger Learning Center (LLC). LLC is an international school that has both Cambodian and foreign teachers. LLC has 50 Cambodian students (25 boys, 25 girls) that are really smart. These students work together to change Cambodia. In our learning program we have a class called exploration. It is not just learning from a book or internet, We go out to explore and see the real world. The teacher does not teach us,they just help and guide us. Some explorations are led by students. We learn two languages (Khmer and English). I love this school and I alway love it’s learning program that why alway make it different from other school in Cambodia.

These are some Photos that show how Liger is an unusual shcool.

We go out to different places in Cambodia and out side of the country (Singapore) and have new opportunity.

  • Go to Siem Reap province