Ministry day

On 1/12/15 is a special day for Liger. There are around 50 top educator from Phnom Penh coming to Liger, to see what Liger education look like. All of the student were presenting to them about part of Liger learning program. I was presenting about one of Liger learning program called STEAM. STEAM is stand for Science Technology Engineering Art and Math. In STEAM we have an activity name Roller Coaster. In this activity we let them build a roller coaster with a highest. In this activity the student be the guy who giving some idea but not helping them building it. We use the foam representing roller coaster track and mable representing roller coaster car. The resent that we do the roller coaster activity because we want to shear them how we learn STEAM in liger. Also we want to show them that they can find a simple activity in their school that make student understand the concept easily.