Mental Retreat

As it gets closer to the graduation year, pressure built upon each student, including me. Through all the hard work we’ve done to develop our self and help our country, is killing us all with the huge amount of stress. So on November 16th, I got a really cool opportunity to actually pause from all of the load and relax. Thus I went down to Kep province with the Liger Marine Research Team (LRMT) for a three-day yoga session with professional yoga trainers and many other people from all over the world. As I mentioned above we were there to relax, so along with yoga courses, we also have the meditation session. It’s not my first time doing yoga but it is my first time doing meditation; so it’s really hard for me at first because the main point of meditation is to relax both mental and physical actions, but I am terrible at relaxing my brain and stop thinking about stuff. However, after two meditation session with the trainer, I finally find a way to actually relax my brain and feel the meditation. Another challenge that I face while going through the course is still learning to relax when I got free time. The thing is that at Liger there no time for relaxing during the day which means that there are always things after another to do, but at the Vagabond Temple, we got more than four hours a day of free time which is insane! But the whole point is that the given time is for us to use that time to relax our mind by doing stuff that is not related to our daily life such as reading. A key take away that I got is the skill to relax through meditation, which I found really helpful for my study life.

About Me

Hi there, welcome to my blog. My name is Sophat. I was born on December 10, 2002, in Kandal province, Cambodia. Six years ago I’ve moved from a government school to the Liger Learning Center. More than just a free education, Liger had provided a really important thing that is really meaningful to me which is independence. Through the education and independent Liger had provided, I finally find some of my passion that I never know before; I am a fourteen-year-old who obsess with technology and entrepreneurship. As a change agent, I believe that those two things could easily make many positive impacts on Cambodia and the whole world which I’ll make it true one day.