Khan Academy

One thing that I like about Liger is independent learning. So we do not just learn in the class with our facilitator there to guide us, in fact, we got opportunities where we’re practice by our self to develop our skill in and outside of the class. For example, math is such a hard subject and a struggle for me and the only way to get better at it is to practice as much as possible. So our teacher introduces a really powerful website to us called Khan Academy. In this website, we can learn new contents with video and practice what we had learned in class with many problems. By using Khan Academy it’s really helping me to improve my understanding of math with the tool that they provided. So now math is no longer a huge struggle for me.

A math problem about congruent triangles
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Resourceful Week – Scavenger hunt

Liger 2017-2018 academic year kick off pretty different from last year. The first week of school Liger start with a brand new schedule called the resourceful week. For the whole week, we were working on skills that would help us with our future project like phone call etc. My most favorite part of the week was city scavenger hunt. So basically in a group of four students, we traveled the city in order to complete our mission without any adult with us. My team had a mission to buy a medical equipment and to copy some chapters of an AP statistic book. It was a good challenge for all of us since it’s our first time traveling the city by our self. In order to complete the quest,  we all work very hard get what we need which is the urine test kit. We walk into a bunch of pharmacies to find it but there’s none; we take the opportunity to ask the people who work there if they know any other place where which would sell this kind of stuff, so they point us to the bigger pharmacy which located at the Olympic market. While we’re on the tuk-tuk to the market, we came up with an idea which calls for help from the Liger’s nurse. We found her number on our name card and start calling. It turns out really helpful, the nurse told us directly the name of the shop and we get what we want. Next, we settle out to find a printing shop to copy chapters of the SP statistic book. After we copied the book we headed back to a Brown Coffee to end our mission. I learned so much from this trip but most importantly is that I’m now much more adept at going out into the city by myself doing whatever I needed to do.

Me with my teammates sitting out at a park waiting for the book to copy.