My verb Quiz

My point 21/29 Very good job! —> 28/29


  1. What is an action verb? Give three examples. Action verb is the verb that can show the action. Ex run,swim,walk.
  2. What is a helping verb? List four examples. Helping verb is the verb that help the action and make more clear. Ex been,has,is,did.
  3. Does every sentence have a helping verb? no every sentence donse have helping verb. Ex: Today is Monday.
  4. What are the parts in a verb phrase? Write me a sentence and make the verb phrase pink. Verb phrase are need helping verb and action verb. Ex I am walking to home.
  5. Does every sentence have a main verb? Yes every sentence need main verb.
  6. Can a sentence have more than one main verb? No a sentence can have only one main verb.
  7. Yesterday was Monday. ←- In this sentence, WAS is not a helping verb. Why not? Was is not helping verb in this sentence because don’t have the action verb to help. Good!!
  8. Helping verbs usually tell more about the action verb. What do they tell about the action verb? more clear . Ex: Nary wear gray shirt. I go to market tomorrow.

Write AV for action verb or HV for helping verb. If it is not a verb at all, write NO.


  1. stopping AV 6. been HV 11. works AV
  2. at no 7. caught AV 12. erases AV
  3. grew AV 8. conjugating AV 13. had HV
  4. were HV 9. can HV 14. worse no
  5. nice no 10. muddiest no 15. down no
  6. Hongly ran home.

HV = no

AV =  ran

MV = ran

VP = no


  1. Kanha and Sreypich were laughing together.

HV = were

AV = laughing

MV = laughing

VP = were laughing


  1. The desk is green.

HV = no

AV = no

MV = is

VP = no

  1. Tomorrow it will rain.

HV = will

AV = rain

MV = rain

VP = will,rain


  1. He was walking down the stairs.

HV = was

AV = walk

MV = walk

VP = was,walk


  1. I want to go to Phnom Penh tonight.

HV = no

AV = no

MV = want

VP = no

I = togo