Zues: King Of The Gods

This one of my assignment for literacy class. Enjoy…

Zeus or Jupiter in roman, is the god of skies, thunder, lightning, hospitality, honor, kingship, order and the ruler of the Olympus (king of the gods). Zeus has the ability to control the weather, thunder, and lightning. Moreover, he could mimic anyone voice and even shapeshift to look like any person or any animals. As the king of the gods, Zeus spends most of his time on Mount Olympus where he upholds any institution related to the state. He also protects the people and looks after the well-being of the whole human and god community.


Zeus was a last son of the Titan Kronos and goddess Rhea after his older sibling: Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Hestia, and Demeter. Zeus ends up married with his older sister Hera(god of marriage mother) who birth the two gods Ares (god of war) and Hephaestus (god of blacksmith and fire). But even before Zeus marry Hera, he had a love afire with a titan name Metis who help him to defeat Kronos. This love affair actually gave birth to the god of wisdom and war Athena. But before Athena had the chance to see the sunlight, Zeus swallowed Metis with Athena inside her stomach due to the fact that he scares that the child would overthrow with just like what he did to his dad. However, Athena born out of Zeus force head and become Zeus’s most favorite child from many other children from his love affair with other gods, moral, and even animals. In fact, some of the Olympic gods are Zeus children such as Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, and Dionysus.


Born with a cruel and heartless dad, all Zeus’s older sisters and brothers got swollen by their dad, Kronos, due to the prophecy that says that one of his sons would rise against him and take all his power. Luckily when it came to Zeus’s turn, his Mom, Rhea, swap him with a boulder, wrap in cloth, for Kronos to consume. Zeus then got raise by the nim of the forest in a cave at the iron of Kreek. When he got older he got educated by an eagle who traveled the world and gathered all the new of what is happening in the world. When Zeus reached adulthood, He found out about his true identity and the terrible faith of his sibling. So he finds out a way to recuse his sibling and to defeat his dad by make him drink a poison which causes him to vomit all Zeus’s sibling. Now with support from his brothers, Zeus finally defeated Kronos and became the supreme leader of the whole world.


The powerful Zeus got light skin, dark eyes, dark long beard and hair, and enormous body muscle. Moreover, Zeus has a really overpowered weapon which is the lightning bolt. The lightning bolt was given to Zeus by a group Cyclop who’s also got swollen by Kronos, and rescue by Zeus himself. As a king, Zeus also has a scepter as his weapon and the Aegis as his shield. Zeus also was known as the god of justice. Therefore he also had a set of scale beside him doing his judgment. This mighty god also has the eagle as his favorite animal. Therefore, today, eagles are being used to represent power for many culture and country. The country like the US for example, use the eagle as the national animal to show off their power.


In the Honor of Zeus, the Ancient Greek created a festival called Olympic which was a multi-sport competition in Olympia. During the day of the event, they dispatch 100 oxen as scarification to Zeus. At the end of the day, another scarification is been made by the athlete to thanks for their success. “Over time, the game flourished and Olympia became the main site of worship of Zeus. So individuals and communities donate statue, building, and other dedication to the god.” From this dedication, a temple was built with a 42 foot Zeus statue stand inside it. The temple then called the temple of Zeus. Time passed, the game is even more popular. Today the Olympic Game become one of the biggest sports events in the world.


Zeus was the god of weather. He makes rain, storm, lightning, and thunder according to his mood. With his great power, people are so cautious of making him angry, because if he gets angry, he’ll make immense storms destroy everything in its path.


Everything has strengths and weakness, so does Zeus. Even though he was the strongest god of all, he still got an obvious weakness, Women. Women were Zeus’s weakness because he can’t control his feeling toward good looking women. That why he always cheated on his wife Hera. From his great power and this particular weakness,  he became the father of men.