Zues: King Of The Gods

This one of my assignment for literacy class. Enjoy…

Zeus or Jupiter in roman, is the god of skies, thunder, lightning, hospitality, honor, kingship, order and the ruler of the Olympus (king of the gods). Zeus has the ability to control the weather, thunder, and lightning. Moreover, he could mimic anyone voice and even shapeshift to look like any person or any animals. As the king of the gods, Zeus spends most of his time on Mount Olympus where he upholds any institution related to the state. He also protects the people and looks after the well-being of the whole human and god community.


Zeus was a last son of the Titan Kronos and goddess Rhea after his older sibling: Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Hestia, and Demeter. Zeus ends up married with his older sister Hera(god of marriage mother) who birth the two gods Ares (god of war) and Hephaestus (god of blacksmith and fire). But even before Zeus marry Hera, he had a love afire with a titan name Metis who help him to defeat Kronos. This love affair actually gave birth to the god of wisdom and war Athena. But before Athena had the chance to see the sunlight, Zeus swallowed Metis with Athena inside her stomach due to the fact that he scares that the child would overthrow with just like what he did to his dad. However, Athena born out of Zeus force head and become Zeus’s most favorite child from many other children from his love affair with other gods, moral, and even animals. In fact, some of the Olympic gods are Zeus children such as Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, and Dionysus.


Born with a cruel and heartless dad, all Zeus’s older sisters and brothers got swollen by their dad, Kronos, due to the prophecy that says that one of his sons would rise against him and take all his power. Luckily when it came to Zeus’s turn, his Mom, Rhea, swap him with a boulder, wrap in cloth, for Kronos to consume. Zeus then got raise by the nim of the forest in a cave at the iron of Kreek. When he got older he got educated by an eagle who traveled the world and gathered all the new of what is happening in the world. When Zeus reached adulthood, He found out about his true identity and the terrible faith of his sibling. So he finds out a way to recuse his sibling and to defeat his dad by make him drink a poison which causes him to vomit all Zeus’s sibling. Now with support from his brothers, Zeus finally defeated Kronos and became the supreme leader of the whole world.


The powerful Zeus got light skin, dark eyes, dark long beard and hair, and enormous body muscle. Moreover, Zeus has a really overpowered weapon which is the lightning bolt. The lightning bolt was given to Zeus by a group Cyclop who’s also got swollen by Kronos, and rescue by Zeus himself. As a king, Zeus also has a scepter as his weapon and the Aegis as his shield. Zeus also was known as the god of justice. Therefore he also had a set of scale beside him doing his judgment. This mighty god also has the eagle as his favorite animal. Therefore, today, eagles are being used to represent power for many culture and country. The country like the US for example, use the eagle as the national animal to show off their power.


In the Honor of Zeus, the Ancient Greek created a festival called Olympic which was a multi-sport competition in Olympia. During the day of the event, they dispatch 100 oxen as scarification to Zeus. At the end of the day, another scarification is been made by the athlete to thanks for their success. “Over time, the game flourished and Olympia became the main site of worship of Zeus. So individuals and communities donate statue, building, and other dedication to the god.” From this dedication, a temple was built with a 42 foot Zeus statue stand inside it. The temple then called the temple of Zeus. Time passed, the game is even more popular. Today the Olympic Game become one of the biggest sports events in the world.


Zeus was the god of weather. He makes rain, storm, lightning, and thunder according to his mood. With his great power, people are so cautious of making him angry, because if he gets angry, he’ll make immense storms destroy everything in its path.


Everything has strengths and weakness, so does Zeus. Even though he was the strongest god of all, he still got an obvious weakness, Women. Women were Zeus’s weakness because he can’t control his feeling toward good looking women. That why he always cheated on his wife Hera. From his great power and this particular weakness,  he became the father of men.


In our literacy class, we were learning about ancient Egyptian. So besides their amazing structure of the pyramid, there is a belief of afterlife for the wealthy people such Noble and Pharaoh, mummy. Mummification is a step for the god of death, Osiris, to judge on the person soul whether or not they are going to the afterlife which was believed to be much likely to the life on earth and that the soul would like to use the old body.  Therefore, while learning about the process of mummifying, we actually assigned to perform the steps of mummifying.

Here are the steps of mummifying.

  1. Removal of the Brain: With long hooks, the brain is extracted through the nasal passage. The Egyptians didn’t think that the brain had any special use.
  2. Organ Removal (Evisceration): A cut is made on the left side of the body, and the liver, lungs, and other organs are removed, dried out, and stored in sacred vessels called canopic jars. The heart is left in the body, because it will be needed to be weighed in judgment by Osiris.
  3. Dehydration with Natron Crystals: Now the body must be dehydrated (have the liquids removed) to stop decay. A type of salt called natron is used. Natron crystals are packed around the body. The crystals absorb body fat and fluids and keep the body from decaying.9 After being treated for about 40 days, the corpse10 is washed and dried.
  4. Stuffing: Because the body has lost much of its mass, resin11-stained clothes or bits of sawdust are used to pack the corpse, which by now has also lost its eyeballs. Pieces of cloth are stuffed in the eye sockets and painted black. At this point, the corpse’s lips and cheeks are painted.
  5. Oiling the Body: This elaborate12 process includes massaging, perfuming, and anointing (blessing with oil) the corpse.
  6. Coloring: After the nose and mouth are filled with cloth scraps to restore the shape of the face, the body is colored. Men are colored red; women are colored yellow. After the coloring, resin is poured into body cavities.13
  7. Arrangement of the Body: Depending on which period of Egyptian history the deceased lived in, the arms are either placed to the side of the corpse, folded on its chest, or placed with hands on shoulders.
  8. Wrapping: The body is wrapped in several layers of fine linen; and various body parts receive particular attention. This process takes two weeks, after which a resin is added to the bandages.
  9. Funerary Mask: A mask, sometimes made entirely of gold, is fitted to the mummy’s body. Symbols of gods often adorned14 masks.
  10. Burial of Waste: All materials used to prepare the corpse (such as natron and bloody linen) are placed in a jar and buried away from the mummy’s tomb.

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Should We Blame Our Ancestor?-Gender Article

This is a gender-related article that I wrote for my literacy class.

Should We Blame Our Ancestor?

“Boys, what is your opinion on girls keep getting these sports opportunity and you don’t,” asked Dominic Sharp the country director of the Liger Leadership Academy when he visits the gender equity exploration. No one answer.

The question then changed to, “Why do you think these opportunities are only available for girls?” Then one of us said, “That’s because back in the old days these opportunities were only for boys, so for gender equity, these kinds of opportunities are now opened up more to the girls.” After this discussion, I asked myself “Should we blame our ancestors for limiting  boy’s opportunities today?”

In many cultures, girls are defined as weak because they are often physically weaker than men Therefore, physical activities such as sports have been seen as masculine and only for males. For example according to the Football Association (FA), in 1921, the association bans women from playing on Football League grounds by the statement of  “…the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged.” Despite the fact that women have a long history in this sport, they are still seen as unsuitable for the game.

After half of a century, the FA finally lifted the ban, yet there is still lack of support for women in this field. Even though women are no longer banned, Regardless of the unban, for many countries like Cambodia, women are expected to be soft and gentle and sports are still sometimes taboo. Therefore sports are not under the category of what they are supposed to do. In fact, once a Cambodian girl hits puberty, they are sometimes forced to stay home and learn to do all the house chores and prepare to be a wife, which is known as “into the shade”. So there is no sport for women from family level up to nation degree. For instance, the most followed event in football, FIFA World Cup, wasn’t created for women until 1991 which is 61 years after the men tournament.

This outdated cultural belief not only limits women in sports but also education. In Cambodia, girls were not allowed to attend school until after French colonization. Boys were educated in pagodas and since girls cannot interact with monks, they were forbidden.

Even in contemporary Cambodia, some girls are still battling for higher education from their parent’s limitation. Once the girls reach high school, they have a high dropout chance due to many economic reasons, plus their parents perspective. So one of the most important reason is the parent’s mindset on how girls don’t need high education since they are going to be man’s wife one day. Thus, they force their daughter to quit school, help the family economically, and wait for the legal age to marry. Without education, women can’t really get into any high development field such as technology. Therefore, it has created the stereotype where this is not the field for women and women shouldn’t be in this field.

So, due to these opportunities limitation, right now there are so many more opportunities and encouragement in those fields for girls. For examples, in sport, there are many spots open up for girls to train and compete in a variety of tournament. For example is that there is an opportunity open up only for girls to play in a frisbee tournament in Philippine.

In education, there are many programs which giving girls full scholarship to many good universities. Moreover, there’s even world-class competition for girls in technology such as Technovation where they offer girls from all over the world the opportunity to learn the skills they need to emerge as tech entrepreneurs and leaders in a competition form.

From these girl’s opportunities, boys are actually feeling upset about it, and sometimes even complain that it’s not fair. However, if we look back into our history, we can see that girls have never had any opportunity that boys have up until the last century, in fact, they still not completely have those opportunities today.

So is this the fault of our ancestor? Maybe it is their fault for not fighting for the women right back in the day, but not at all. It’s actually the belief and mindsets which had developed since the birth of human raise which had waylaid them from denouncing for women right. Therefore, we should not blame our ancestor but instead, we should continue fighting for the gender equality in any field in around the world.


Future Food

Name that one thing that all human needed to survive, of course, food! Where are food come from? Well, agriculture is where most of our food came from. We grow a variety of food using soil and water. But as the population growing rapidly, we don’t have enough of those resources to do this old farming method. So what can we do? Well, we can instead of using soil, use a system called Hydroponic. Hydroponic is an agricultural system using sponge/perlite as growing median and water as the nutrition source. Unlike the traditional agriculture where we need a large space of land to farm, hydroponic is a system where we can install it in such a small space such as wall etc.


So basically we mix the water in our reservoir with nutrition solution, and as the water flows through the system, the plant will observe the nutrition and water to grow itself. Once the water flows through the whole raising bed, it flows back straight to the reservoir and ready to reuse again in the system. By growing produce in hydroponics, we can save both land and water which are really essential for our growing population.


So in an exploration called Future Food, we’re working on getting one of this new technique running so that we can supply the product to the main kitchen and for the senior cohort. In a group of eight students, I am working as a 3D designer for the project. So for any project, we need a clear plan on how things going look and how things going with each so I designed a 3D model of the whole system using a software called Inventor. One of the biggest challenges I face during this process is finding the exact measurement for all the parts in the system. The thing is that I started working on this project without any actual parts to measure, so I have to look through all over the internet for those measurements which take so much time. This challenge gave me a good practice in my researching skill, which is a really good opportunity to improve.

The front view of the wall in Inventor
Right/Top view


Fishermen (Poem)

The views of the ocean (Taken from the Vagabond Temple).


មើលនាយសមុទ្រសែនវែងអន្លាយ                             មើលទៅសែនឆ្ងាយដាច់កន្ទុយភ្នែក

នឹកឃើញពេលណាឲ្យខ្ញុំសង្វេក                                    ចិត្តចង់តែស្រែកឲ្យ្មេឃបានដឹង


អស់ឱសមុទ្រអើយសមុត្រខ្មែរ                                     អរគុណអ្នកដែលកំពុងខំប្រឹង

អ្នកមិននៅស្ងាមអង្គុយសញ្ចឹង                                   តែអ្នកខំប្រឹងទាញភ្ញៀវទេសចរ


អ្នកខ្លះមិនឃើញគុណតម្លៃនេះ                                   បែរជាត្រិះរិះធ្វើអ្វីមិនល្អ

គេបានបំផ្លាញសមុទ្របវរ                                            វើវាបន្តរដើម្បីកំរៃ


គ្មានអ្នកណាក្រៅពីអ្នកនេសាទ                                 ខំប្រឹងសង្វាតជារាងរាល់ថ្ងៃ

អូសអួនហើយឆក់ធ្វើយ៉ាងព្រៃផ្សៃ                            ទោះយ៉ាងណាក្ដីត្រីមួយកញ្ជើ


មិនមែនកំហុសគេទាំស្រុងទេ                                    នេះក៏ព្រោះតែឥការងារធ្វើ

ជារាងរាល់ថ្ងៃរាល់គ្រប់អំពើរ                                       គ្រាន់តែទ្វើដើម្បីក្រពះ


ជាចុងក្រោយកវីសង្ឃឹមថា                                         រាដ្ធាភិបាលនឹងប្រឹងជំនះ

បង្កើតការងារមុនថ្ងៃថ្មីរះ                                           ជួយដល់ក្រពះអ្នកនេសាទ




Look at the ocean is so wide

It looks so long out of my view

When I think about it make me feel sick

I just want to yell so the sky can hear


Oh ocean, Cambodian ocean

Thank you for your hard working

You do not sit still

But you work hard to attract the tourist.


But some people didn’t see this benefit

And they intend to do bad thing

They destroy the beautiful ocean

Do it more and more for money


There are no other than the fishermen

Trying hard every day

Electric Trawling brutally

However just a bucket of fish


But it’s not totally their fault

It is because lack of job

And every day, every action

They just do it for their stomach


At last the author hopes

The government will help

Makes more jobs before the new sunrise

Help the fishermen’s stomachs.

Mental Retreat

As it gets closer to the graduation year, pressure built upon each student, including me. Through all the hard work we’ve done to develop our self and help our country, is killing us all with the huge amount of stress. So on November 16th, I got a really cool opportunity to actually pause from all of the load and relax. Thus I went down to Kep province with the Liger Marine Research Team (LRMT) for a three-day yoga session with professional yoga trainers and many other people from all over the world. As I mentioned above we were there to relax, so along with yoga courses, we also have the meditation session. It’s not my first time doing yoga but it is my first time doing meditation; so it’s really hard for me at first because the main point of meditation is to relax both mental and physical actions, but I am terrible at relaxing my brain and stop thinking about stuff. However, after two meditation session with the trainer, I finally find a way to actually relax my brain and feel the meditation. Another challenge that I face while going through the course is still learning to relax when I got free time. The thing is that at Liger there no time for relaxing during the day which means that there are always things after another to do, but at the Vagabond Temple, we got more than four hours a day of free time which is insane! But the whole point is that the given time is for us to use that time to relax our mind by doing stuff that is not related to our daily life such as reading. A key take away that I got is the skill to relax through meditation, which I found really helpful for my study life.

About Me

Hi there, welcome to my blog. My name is Sophat. I was born on December 10, 2002, in Kandal province, Cambodia. Six years ago I’ve moved from a government school to the Liger Learning Center. More than just a free education, Liger had provided a really important thing that is really meaningful to me which is independence. Through the education and independent Liger had provided, I finally find some of my passion that I never know before; I am a fourteen-year-old who obsess with technology and entrepreneurship. As a change agent, I believe that those two things could easily make many positive impacts on Cambodia and the whole world which I’ll make it true one day.



I like to play many kinds of sports, and one of my most favorite sport is ultimate frisbee. I like playing this game because of so many reasons but one of them is that it’s one of the only sport where and male and female playing together as a team. Another reason is that frisbee is a game of friendly meaning that by playing this sport I made so many friends. So as a senior I am leading an After School Activity (ASE) where I teach the junior how to play frisbee, but most importantly showing them how frisbee is a mix gender sport and how easily they can make friends from playing this game.

2016/2017 Yearly Reflection

Agency is a really important thing for Liger. Over the years, Liger has created and given many opportunities for us in terms of changing Cambodia. However, we can’t, change this splendid country instantly. But the opportunities that Liger has provided us in these last few years, has helped us make many positive changes in Cambodia. The changes that we created are not huge. However, these small changes are building blocks that lead up to big changes in our country. This year, Liger has provided us many opportunities that potentially could help Cambodia in a really positive way. For instance, I’ve involved in many explorations that potentially make changes in Cambodia, like Game Design, Waste Management, and Khmer Rouge.

Education is really important for Changes. This is the first exploration of the year, and the exploration that I think could really create positive change in Cambodian education is Game Design. For this project our team working to design a game that both fun and educational for government school students. While designing this game I felt really strongly that this game could really change Cambodian curriculum. The game that we’re designing is a game that contains two major aspects. Well, first it helps students to review their lesson in the class by answering the question in the game. Second, it introduced students to Climate Change. The game mechanic work by players answers the question in the game to get point. Players could use those point to implement solutions due to climate change such as wind turbines, solar panels, Hydropower and more. When players implement those solutions they would earn something called carbon credit, where the player with the most carbon credit will win the game. While player implementing the solution they will read a small introductory paragraph about the solution that is implementing. Not just that students reviewing the content that they’re studying and climate change, the game also require students to use their critical thinking/strategy to win the game. This game would create a new style of learning for students, which not just sitting classroom listen to teachers talk. This changing in learning style would help students to develop their strength on critical thinking and study with more fun. By this new way of learning would lead students to big success.

Game testing at Chbar Ampov high school.
Students having fun testing our game.

Trash is always a huge problem for Cambodia. In the last decade, Cambodian people got a much better education and understand we even more about this problem. They always want to make it better but there’s lag of solution. For my second exploration, we worked on this problem. We got an idea of running a waste management business in the community around Liger. It impossible to run this business in seven weeks. However, there’s a quote says “Million miles start with the first step”. So our first step in order to start this business is to write a feasibility study. A feasibility study is a study to see the possibility in term of doing something. In this case, we try to see is it possible to start this business. Which mean establish and make a profit out of it. In order to write this feasibility study first, we go out into the community and observe the trash pile around our community and analyze what in those pile. We see that about 80% of those trash and organic. So we decide that we’re going to make a composting/recycling business. Then we start to write our feasibility study for this business. At the end of the exploration, we have written a FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR A WASTE MANAGEMENT/RECYCLE FACILITY IN CHUMPOUS KAEK VILLAGE. Even though we haven’t done any of the physical work to start the business but, writing this feasibility is a huge step. It’s locomotion for our business. Unfortunately, we couldn’t establish this business yet this year, however, we going to continue this project next year. This business is potentially a huge solution to trash problem all around Cambodia. It going to help Cambodian people to clean their environment.

Link to the Feasibility Study


We’re observing a trash pile near our school.
Writing our feasibility study

Khmer Rouge, the third world biggest genocide, is happening in Cambodia for about 3 years which from 1975 to 1979. However, many Cambodian doesn’t really know much about it. So Liger had created a four rounds exploration learning about Khmer Rouge. After we learn whole lots of content, we’re going to make our final product to share with other people on sharing and other events. I actually learn in the last round of Khmer Rouge. For this round unlike any other rounds where they learning in depth about each specific part of Khmer Rouge, we’re learning about the whole picture. Which contain before, during, and after the Khmer Rouge. After we learn all the content in class, we finally work on our final products for our exploration in order to share it with other people.

In the past Khmer Rouge exploration, there’ve been so many amazing products that are unique and really powerful. These amazing products include plays, audio tour, painting and small museums. My exploration makes a variety of products; most of our products are just some new information about Khmer Rouge such as Khmer rouge timeline, a 3D design of S21, and a map with Khmer Rouge zone leaders. But our biggest goal is to run an event with DC-cam in Phnom Penh in order to spread more information about Khmer Rouge. This event going to happen next year since we don’t have enough time to do it this year. However, this event going to be a really powerful event in term of sharing Khmer Rouge information through young Cambodian. This event is more than just presentation to groups of people, we try to give them as much information as we can by play and experiential presentation. By this event, we sure that Cambodian will know Khmer Rouge even more detail. Also, this will help guide young leader to not step on the footprint of those terrible leaders again.

Trip to S-21 prison
Trip to Choeung Ek killing field

In conclusion,  I can see that I’m a change agent. Throughout my three explorations, I’ve been working to change the style of learning (game design exploration), helping to clean the environment by writing a feasibility study for a composting and recycling business, and working to share Khmer Rouge’s  information to young Cambodian. Follow this small actions, could make really big positive changes in Cambodia.


Coming of Age – Personal Narrative

As a literacy assignment, our teacher asked us to write a two pages essay about our personal experience of “Coming of Age”. So I decided to write an essay about an aspect that made me felt like an adult; which is independence.


Independence is the beacon to maturity. It took me about twelve years to gain my independence my family and the world. For twelve years, I was just a kid that only wanted to have fun. For twelve years, I lacked independence, bravery, and maturity. Ten years in a small world just home and school disrupts me from seeing the immense universe full of creative steps and dazzling path. Until one day I found an amazing place that helps me to have my position today.

I was born on December 10, 2002, in a village of Chumposka-eka. As the big brother in the family, I didn’t get as much attention as my brothers. I grew up in a family that valued education and encouraged me. At age five, my mom decided that it was time for me to start school. however, my first school was full of corruption and wasn’t a place I would go by choice. Time passed and I adapted. In fourth grade, everything changed. In 2012, my mom gave me a huge opportunity to take a test for a scholarship at Liger Learning Center. I was hopeless about passing the test because I had not been very successful in school. I remember back then in a class of forty students, I would be the thirty-third student. Nevertheless, the test for Liger was not the same material from school and I actually did pretty well on the test and received the scholarship.

Within the first two years at Liger, my mindset completely changed. I used to be this kid who’s doesn’t like school, doesn’t have many friends, and have really bad scores in class; Within the first two years at Liger, my mindset completely changed. Being independent is a massive challenge for me at first. Due to the lack of independent before Liger, I was really inept at utilizing my independence, but as I got older and worked harder, I became more adept. Project-based learning really helped me use my time more wisely.

When I was thirteen, it was the first time ever in my life, where I felt so much of the freedom from my parent. It was back in summer of 2016. In the middle of the break, I got phone calls from my Phnom Penh-Liger-friends inviting me to attend a small party with them. Those phone calls make me really happy since I had never been invited to any party by myself. However, during this happy moment, I had a feeling that my parent won’t ever let me out there by my own. Follow this thought makes me afraid to ask for my mom’s permission. Nevertheless, the energy of the party, the energy of wanted freedom, and the energy of friendship is much stronger than this small though. So I dispatch the fear and walk bravely toward my mom asking for her permission. For this first attempt, I was so happy since my proposal got accepted. Disputed the happiness and hide emotions was my idea, but I guess the stupid smile still leak out. Her permission is like a ticket for roller coaster ride through amazing adventures.

Finally, the party came. I was so excited for the day despite all the rule that was given by my mom, about what I should and shouldn’t do, that postpone all the fun thought that I had. The closer I get to the party the more I get pumped up. With eight people at the party, it was the best party yet I ever attend. After the party end, we decided to go to another place to relax with wifi and air conditioner in town. While walking through the town, I felt no longer as a kid. The level of independence I got at that moment is enough to change me. Then we arrived at the destination and having fun. Due to all the fun I had during the trip, I just realized how powerful is independence.

Independence is a key to unlock all of the characteristics leading to adulthood. Additionally there no need for the insanely huge amount of independence to become an adult. For example, within just a single trip that my mom allowed me to go by myself, was enough to unlock the characteristics of an adulthood. So I believe that independence is all we need to be an adulthood.